Automotive EMC test system

The specific EMC requirements in automotive tests take continuously, so that the test waveforms are becoming increasingly complex. As a manufacturer of EMC test simulators and due to the participation in international standardization bodies Hilo test knows the current and future requirements of the automotive industry exactly. The following automotive products are specifically geared to the current EMC requirements in modern automobile, and described in the standards ISO 7637 and ISO 16750:

EMC - Test Equipment for electrical installation of vehicles
#1 1-5/2000μs, 600 V
#1 1-5/1000μs, 600 V
#2a 1 / 50μs, 600 V
#3 5/100 ns, 800 V
Triggerable load switch
Artificial Network
50A / 100A, 800V
Modular construction
Power Fail Simulator
Voltage dips and interruptions
Rise-/ fall times <1µs
Battery voltage: 80V DC
Battery current: 50A, 100A
Load Dump Generator
EMC-Test Equipment for electrical installation of vehicles
Puls #5 / Test A / Test B
Ri = 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 Ω
Amplifier Load Dump
EMC-Test Equipment for electrical installation of vehicles
Ri = 0,5; 1; 2; 4; 8; 10Ω
Batterie simulator
Bandwidth DC-1MHz
4 quadrant amplifier
Max. 75 V/ 40A (100A)
Fast rise time up to 70V/µs
Batterie simulator
Bandwidth DC-100kHz
4 quadrant amplifier
Max. 70 V/ 100A (200A)
Fast rise time up to 80V/µs
Voltage: 66V/ 74V
Current: 55A/ 110A/ 220A
Transienten Generator
According Ford standard
Real appearing transients
Trigger able load switch
Load for high voltage
battery included
100µF Capacitor included
Security due Residual voltage control and Ground switch
Battery simulator
Vehicle voltage up to 1500V
Fast rise time up to 100V/μs
Battery current: 30A
Constant power: 15kW
Simulator for sinusoidal disturbance
Frequency range 100kHz – 250MHz
Over voltage protection
ESD - Simulator
30 kV air- and contact discharge
Battery and main operation
Automatic charge absorber integrated

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