Our quality assurance system based on ISO 9001 is strictly implemented to ensure that our products and services reach predetermined levels of quality set-down by the HILO management

The quality assurance process is mapped in Hilo-Test with a computerized system.

Our elements of quality assurance are:

  • Initial sampling: with the initial sampling our suppliers provide proof that their products comply with the quality requirements required by the customers.
  • Incoming inspection: to be able to lodge potential complaints about shortcomings, incoming supplies must be speedily examined (§ 377 paragraph 1 HGB.).
  • Supplier evaluation: the information gathered from the incoming goods inspection is also used to evaluate suppliers. Evaluation with respect to the quality of the products supplied, delivery reliability and whatever the products are supplied in the specified time, are carried out. The results are reflected in so called quality numbers (QZ), in which the suppliers are classified with categories A, B and C. This is used as a basis for measures to improve the quality or for price negotiations.
  • Manufacturing surveillance: comprises measurements and tests during the manufacturing process. The surveillance takes place based on specified batch tests order- or customer-based.
  • Test systems management: compatible measuring and testing equipment are a prerequisite for objectively assessable control results. Testing and measuring equipment monitoring is required to ensure the availability of the measuring and test equipment.
  • Documentation: the results of all tests are documented and kept in accordance with legally determined periods of time.

The respective necessary tests and procedures were established by engineers responsible for the quality management.


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