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Automotive CAR-SYS14

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The EMC test system is designed for testing electromagnetic immunity of the electrical installation of vehicles and components against supply line transients, according to the standards: 
ISO 7637-2:2011, ISO 16750-2:2012.
 allows generation of transient immunity test pulses, pulse #1, #2 and #3.

CAR Test System   Datenblatt: CAR-SYS14

Automotive CAR-TE14

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The CAR-Transient Emission is used to check the transient transition behavior when switching loads on the vehicle electrical system. It consists of two triggerable circuit breakers (electronically or mechanically) an artificial network and a control unit for operating the device.    According to ISO 7637-2:2011.

CAR Test System  data sheet: CAR-SYS14

Automotive Coupling Clamp

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The coupling clamp conforms exactly to the requirements of ISO 7637-3 and other standards. The CDN allows the fast nanosecond pulse bursts ( ISO 3a and 3b) to be injected in cable runs. Very high impedance signal lines are also to be found in vehicles on which the disruptive effects of ISO pulses 1 and 2 can also show up through capacitive coupling.

Coupling Clamp data sheet: CDN2012

Burst Surge Power Fail CE-Tester 3.Generation



The CE Tester have a 5 " touch screen control and display unit. In its basic configuration, the Tester includes an Burst - and Combination Wave Generator and a Coupling-/ Decoupling Network for single-phase power supply lines. The unit can be remotely controlled via a fiber optic Ethernet interface, this optional PC software is equipped with a Impulse Recording Function (IRF).

Burst 5kV, Surge 5KV / 2.5kA                    Data sheet: CE-Tester

High Volt Impuls Generator IPG 1218/1012/605


IPG 1218


The IPG have a 5" touch screen control and display unit. They generate standard impulse voltages of 12/10/6kV with the waveform 1.2/50μs, accordance to the IEC 60060. The generators are designed to test the impulse strength of components, insulation, air and creepage distances according to standards. To record definite impulses, the optional  PC software is equipped with an Impulse Recording Function (IRF).
Here with test cover with PA503.


Data sheet: IPG 1218

Capacitive Coupling Clamp EFTC 2012


EFTC 2012

The capacitive coupling clamp EFTC-2012 is used for the coupling of burst pulses on data and power lines.
The design of the coupling clamp matches the description in the standards:
-  IEC 61000-4-4 : 2012  Ed 3.0  and
-  IEC 61000-4-4 : 2004  Ed 2.0

  Data sheet: EFTC 2012

Varistor / SPDs Generator: PG20-14k / PG20-7KA

The pulse generator system PG20-14K is designed for the testing of electrical components such as surge protectors and other electronic components and circuits acc. IEC.

The basic version generates impulse current waveform 8/20μs and peak values ​​up to 100 kA.
Acc. standard:  IEC 61643-11.

Data sheet 100KA version: PG20-14K
Data sheet 50KA version:   PG20-7K



PG 20-14k

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